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Investors & Real Estate Professionals !

Investors, Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons, Attorneys and Mortgage Brokers will find this site very profitable for their respective professions. Unlike most national sites that get their data second-hand, ForeclosuresABC.com data is collected from Land Court in Boston directly by Neil B. Kaplan. Neil is a MA Licensed Auctioneer and Broker; with great experience as an investor. He was inspired by first using, and then being dissapointed by, other popular pre-foreclosure sites. Below is a list of why ForeclosuresABC.com is superior.

  1. The shortest time from Land Court to You.
  2. Freshly acquired Assessor Data with over 60 fields of info.
  3. Super Fast search by any field using state-of-the-art AJAX technology.
  4. Exports created simply or refine your search for target marketing.
  5. Export to Excel, PDF, Word, XML or CSV.
  6. Certified mailing addresses, many with phone numbers.
  7. Quickly select a County and get a City/Town drop down list.
  8. Surprising low cost, we don't make you buy "educational materials".
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