About Us
Founder: Neil B. Kaplan, MA Auctioneer License # 2804. Owner of AgencyBid.com (online real estate auctions) and Kaplan Auctions. Long term creative investor who has used all types of owner contact including direct mail, phone and door knocking.
Founder Background: Developed high end, ocean front homes: example is 39 Glades Rd, Scituate, recently sold for $1,975,000. Holder of Seven U.S. Patents. Two more Patents under application now. Invented and Founded Z-LOK, an automotive hood lock and ignition kill system that grew to 80 employees with sales in the millions. Expert witness in automotive security for U.S. Patent case. Worked as an inventor and sold two patents to Audiovox Corp. Developed high quality digital imaging system for printing photographs on canvas to appear as oil paintings. Sold service to Carnival Cruise Lines for use on 15 ships. Programmer for both AgencyBid.com and ForeclosuresABC.com.
Location: Rockland, MA
ForeclosuresABC: Where did the ABC come from? AgencyBid.Com
Mission: Provide foreclosure data under the following conditions: High Value, Fast, Accurate, Superior Search Functions, Robust Export Features, Intuitive Opertation and Friendly Subscription Service.