Subscription Rates
General: is a subscription service. Our rates are very competitive; our value is exceptional. We use powerful technology to make your experience with ForeclosuresABC fast and powerful.
Information: The Update Membership page is always available. You can view detailed information about which counties you are subscribed to, your subscription rate and exactly when you will be billed.
Frequency: Monthly
Billing Date: The date is always the 1st of the Month, regardless of what day you join. When you sign up, there is a one-time pro-rated charge for the remainder of the current month plus the full amount of the following month. This way it's easier for people to remember when they will be billed. Even additions to your county choices will be part of your monthly billing on the first day of the month.
Monthly Rate: The first county you choose is $29.95 per month, each additional county is $15.95 per month.
Additions: If you choose to add counties to your subscription, they will be added in a similar fashion: a pro-rate for the addition for the remainder of this month, your suscription rate will increase at the beginning of the next month.
Subtractions: If you choose to cancel the subscription to one or more counties, your suscription rate will change on the next billing cycle. Use of cancelled counties will continue until the paid for period runs out.
Cancel: If you choose to cancel your complete subscription, it's easy. Just go to 'Update Membership' and click on cancel. We allow you to cancel in a very friendly manner. Use of the paid portion continues until the next billing date. Cancelling all the counties will not trigger service cancellation, please use the cancel button.