Terms of Service
General Terms and Conditions : This web-site is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience, but as with anything concerning any kind of transactions there are risks involved and we strongly advise you to understand all of these terms before joining.
Rights To Suspend or Terminate. This service is licensed to one person at one computer. It is acceptable to use the login at an office, then at a laptop, but not both at the same time. It is a violation to supply anyone else your login and password. You agree that this web-site, in its own discretion, may terminate your account for abuse. We record everyones IP address even if they do not login or register. In most cases when we suspect abuse we will suspend your account while we investigate further. If our investigation is conclusive then your account with us will be terminated.
Your Conduct: You are solely responsible for your actions web-site. You must ensure that your participation in the selling or buying of properties does not violate any applicable laws or regulations. By this we mean that you must check that you have complied with all applicable laws and that you are not prohibited from engaging in your business by any law or regulation.
Phone Numbers: A Do-Not-Call list must be checked before any phone numbers listed here are called. We cannot scrub the numbers as this must be done according to law within a specified time before the call. All users hold us harmless for their failure to follow the law.
Membership: Membership to this web-site is only available to those you can form a legally binding contract. This web-site does not permit minors (under 18) to register. Failure to follow this rule will result of account termination and loss of paid subscription.
All Sales Final: Once a subscription is charged there are no refunds for the paid for period. Cancellation for future periods can be done at any time from the Update Membership page. The remaining paid-for service period will remain useable until the subscription runs out. For more information please contact:
Neil B Kaplan
57 Westminster. Rd
Hull MA 02045
Export Limit: We usually keep records back to 2008. Download of the entire database is prohibited and restricted by export or download limits. The limit is usually set at 50% higher than the month's new NOD's to allow for some backtracking. Please download your Counties' NOD's in the week they arrive. Don't try to catch up later, as the month's download limit is reset every month. It's not cummulative.
Laws: These Terms of Service shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the state of Massachusetts and any disputes will be decided only by the courts of Massachusetts.