Info & Instructions for ForeclosuresABC
Register: Register & Login. Go to Update Membership and fill in the member information. Choose the Counties you want to subscribe to. Click on NEXT. All of the information is then written to the database, if you need to change anything, use the Back button.
Subscribe: From the last page, Click on Subscribe. You will see the one time pro-rate charge and you monthly subscription amount at the top. Billing information for the credit card you are using should be entered, allong with the card info at the bottom. This info will not affect your member details information. Click NEXT. If any info needs to be changed, go back. For the highest security, this billing information and your card number are NOT stored by us.
Success: Click on Submit Information. Your subscription service will be set up for the future, and your one time pro-rated charge will be made today. A 'Success' page will come!
Processing Time: Two Days Maximum. We obtain the data on Tuesdays and publish by Thursday AM. We get the data a day later (more foreclosures) and get it to you faster. We have three people typing and acquiring assessor data.
Zip Code Verification: Addresses are processed through a Zip Code Certification company. When the 'Cert' field in the Foreclosure List has a 'C', that address has been certified. About 4 - 8% of all addresses received from Land Court will not certify. The names and addresses are still presented to you, as other means to contact owners may be used. Our Label 'ZipC' only contains certified zip codes.
BcDigits / Property Type: This field contains the property type: Single, Multi or Condo
Phone Numbers: Make yourself aware of the 'Do Not Call List'. It is not possible for us to check these numbers for you, as they must be checked within a specified time before a call is made. In other words, a list checked in the recent past must be checked again before use. If you cannot find a way to verify the do no call list, then do not use these numbers. Look up do-not-call-list in google for a service.
Assessor Data: Assessor data must be obtained from over 300 cities and towns. Many keep data in different formats, and they choose to store a variety of info unmatched by other towns. We choose to prove a huge 40 fields of assessor data. Some fields may be empty. About 95% of all properties have assessor's data. Some properties will not have any assessor data since their addresses were not even certifieable as good address with the Post Office. When you focus on such properties you should use all sources of data that will help you. When looking at the assessor's listed owner, it may not match the Land Court name. Reasons: the town has not updated their records, the mortgagor is not the owner, apartment or unit data is incorrect or could not be looked up properly. When looking at the assessor fields in the View window, scrutinize what is going on, don't take any important data at face value, regardless of the source.
View: You can click on 'View' in a row of any List. You will get a vertical list of that single property.
Town Search: Click on any Blue Tab, like Foreclosures. Click on one County button. A list of Cities that have foreclosures in that town will be in the dropdown list above the county buttons. Choose one then click on Go.
Word Search: Locate: empty white box near the center, in the Tabs blue bar. Start entering some of the letters that you want to search for. Suggestions will instantly appear as you type each letter. If you think you're close to your word, just hit the enter key.
Field Search: If you just want to search in a particlular field, select one in the 'Any Field' drop down list. Then do the same search as above. It will now be limited to the field you chose, such as address or name.
Advance Search: Locate the Advance Search button in the bar just below the county buttons. When you click on it, you will get a very detailed search form to narrow down to an exact property or group of properties. For instance: if you are developing a mailing list you would put a 'C' in the 'Cert' field to assure that your list contains deliverable addresses. Usually you do not click in the white box, as it would find addresses that are NOT 'C'. The drop down boxes can give you a range of info to search by.
Show All : Locate the 'Show All' button in the blue Tab bar. It will remove a search and show all the data from all the counties you subscribe to. The cities drop down list will still hold the last list you used even though all cities are displayed in the list. The drop down list will still work with the list it has.
Field Sort: Click on any field heading in a column. It will sort the entire database up or down based on that field. It doesn't just sort the page you are on. Also, change the Records Per Page to 10 if you are using a short laptop screen.
AssessorView: When in the Foreclosure List, the third column will have bold lettering that says 'AssessorView'. Hovering the mouse will reveal about 10 fields of assessor info as a quick view. If there is no data for that property, it will say '0'.
Export: To Export: Search for what you want to export. Search from the list page, or from the Advanced Search page. Adjust the Records Per Page drop down to a higher number if needed (up to 500). At the Left side, check the single check box above the list of checkboxes. Click on 'Export Selected' button at the right. You can Export data from Foreclosures and from Assessor. They each have different data. When in Export Results, you will be asked whether to Export All Recods or the Current Page Only.
Export Format : Choose: Excel, Word, CSV, XML or PDF. Close the Export window when done (it's a new window).